Payroll accounting

Reliable payroll accounting for correct and punctual settlements

For many law firms, payroll accounting is a necessary evil, but not for us. Every month we prepare more than 500 payrolls of a very high quality every month, so that subsequent social security or payroll tax or payroll tax audits are not a major obstacle, but are easily avoided.

Our services in the range of payroll accounting:

  • Determination of remuneration (wages or salary, construction wages, continued payment of wages and salaries, vacation pay, etc.) on the basis of the employment or service contract, taking into account statutory, collectively agreed or company agreements
  • Remuneration of a special kind (e.g. short-time working allowance, seasonal compensation, winter allowance)
  • Determination of deductions of a statutory, tax, social security and personal nature
  • Determination of net remuneration and payment (transfer)
  • Communication with our clients takes place regularly via the digital personnel file of the DATEV software