Bilanz und Steuer AG

Who are we

Bilanz und Steuer AG was founded on March 14, 1973 in Frankfurt am Main and has remained loyal to the city of Frankfurt am Main to this day.

Despite the very long existence of the company, we are a young and innovative tax consultancy firm.

Bilanz und Steuer AG is managed by 2 board members, Mr. Carsten Stauth, auditor, and Mr. Günter Sussek, tax consultant.

We have a diverse team, which makes our daily work interesting and varied. In addition to the board members, we have a large number of qualified employees in order to offer our clients reliability and the best possible results.

Bilanz und Steuer AG

Our Board of Directors

Günter Sussek
StB Dipl.-Kfm.
Günter Sussek
Carsten Stauth
WP Dipl.-Kfm. Univ.
Carsten Stauth
Years of experience
qualified employees
satisfied clients